Annual Holiday Sale

I will be one of more than 20 vendors at the Brickhouse Holiday sale. It’s Early this year: Friday, Saturday, Sunday December 7th, 8th & 9th.

Besides ceramics, there’s a lot of jewelry, and maybe some other things (I know at least one person plans to sell knitting). There are always lovely refreshments and of course gift wrapping.

I will be selling tankards, these new flowers I’m making (they can hang on the wall or sit and hold tea lights). Plus, I have brooches and a few clearance -type items (complete with clearance prices). And don’t forget the sculpture! I know you have someone special in your life who deserves a large sculpture, and here’s your chance to get it!  😉    Click on thumbnails below

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Green Goddess

Check out the biggest piece in this series so far!  Speaking of which, I still need to name the series.  I think I might be onto something, but I’m going to hold onto it a couple of weeks & see if I start to hate it.  Meanwhile, if anyone can give me a better name, a complementary tankard is in order.  So don’t be shy about making a suggestion; I’ve been at it over a year and I’m still stumped, so I bet your fresh thoughts are better than most of my brain-storming attempts. So please, give it a shot!

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Photo Shoot

Go to to see more new photos of my work. And if you need a good photographer, click here for Jesse Winter‘s Studio.


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Glaze Test Cups

Here are ten cups I made to test layering one glaze over another.  Each cup has a different combination.  Which combination is your favorite? (double click on each photo to see full view) Please comment.

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Upcoming Exhibition

Good news! I just received an acceptance letter from the juried exhibition Small Works 2012 at the Mamaroneck Artists’ Guild. Hmm… the letter doesn’t specify which of my pieces got in; does that mean they want all three?  I’ll have to ask them.

Anyway, the show runs from May 9th- June 2nd 126 Larchmont Ave, Larchmont, NY.

Reception: May 19th, 5-7pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, noon-5pm

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Teapots in the works

Click on the thumbnail below to see teapots! From left to right, you see a teapot I made about 10 years ago, one I just finished, and the third hasn’t been fired yet. They are slab built using templates I designed, like a dress pattern.  The reddish shape in front is the template for the spouts.

The teapot is probably the most challenging piece for a potter to make, because of all the parts.  Not only do these parts have to function properly, they also need visual harmony.

Of course, many teapots are made to be purely decorative, but I want to make at least one that functions perfectly.  So in the third teapot, I increased the size of the lid to make it easier to clean (also to get the teabag back out). I’m not sure if I like how the big lid looks yet, but we’ll see how it looks when it’s glazed.

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A new product is on it’s way – beads, which will eventually become jewelry, with the help of my friend Alexis.  I’ve got brooches as well, already finished.

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New Category: Glaze Alchemy

Ceramic artists sometimes like to use the word alchemy to describe their work with glazes.  Part of this can be accounted for by the Anti-Modernist streak that is part of the philosophy of Craft. But part is that we are more experimental with our glazes than factories can afford to be.  At Alfred University, I first learned to mix my own glazes, create and adjust glaze recipes, to use glaze materials safely and know how to make sure glazes are food-safe. So in this particularly nerdy section of my blog, I’m going to share my glaze test results.  As of now, I’ve found two glaze bases that are beautiful, and they don’t cover up my textures.  So most of my tests are trying out new colors with the same two base recipes. Right now I’m also making lots of small cups, in order to test layering one glaze over another.  So stay tuned for photos of test tiles and test cups!

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Now you can subscribe to this blog to receive email or text notifications of new content! On the left, you should see “Subscribe Here!” Click the envelope to sign up for email notifications or click SMS to receive text messages. Don’t wait, or you’ll be the last one to see the new pins & beads I just got out of the kiln. Photo coming soon!

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Here’s what I’m working on now. Once, my friend Joel said my pieces looked like Graboids, monsters from the movie Tremors. So these two (and one more to come) look even more Graboid-like.

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